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The ambassador of freedom

Leonard Cohen died today.

Cohen’s words to Marianne from earlier in the year: “I think I’ll follow you very soon” echo in my mind, together with his harrowing deep voice narrating a Canadian documentary on the Tibetan Book of the Dead. His metaphors are unforgettable - for he found the humour in the reveal that come about when we match two unlike things to express our complex minds or emotions. I don’t believe in chance and Cohen’s leaving reassured me. Enlightened beings choose when to go. Cohen opened each of his concerts with “Bird on a Wire” - and for many of us, he was an ambassador of freedom. It is no chance that he left the day after a weakly disguised dictator was elected in the US. For us, who are left behind there is still solace in the Tibetan Book of the Dead: “Recognition and liberation are simultaneous.” Thank you for the wisdom and the pain, the light and darkness, I hope your journey is smooth.

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