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Films and video poems 

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Water and blood.png
Water and Blood (2024)

“Water and Blood” - is the story of Molly Gallagher, an 18-year-old girl, whose mother is Hungarian and whose father is Irish. She has been swimming since she was a baby and her dream is to become an Olympic swimmer and to represent Ireland.


Exhibited in Waterford Gallery of Art at the Muscles and Minds Irish Art Olympians Exhibition from 27 July – 26 November 2024

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Ec(h)o (2023)

Exhibited in Armagh Planetarium April/May 2024


Each section of the video poem is about an element: air, water, earth, fire, each four minutes long. The four video poems together create a haiku, sounded (with echo) and as text on screen with animation. With each element there is immense beauty as well as images of pollution.


Available for galleries, domes and immersive installations on request.

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This Yard (2023)
This yard.png

This is an ekphrastic film poem. The text was a response to a poem “Sedimentare” by Viviana Fiorentino. The poem “This Yard” uses the imagery of the “little cockerel” in a Hungarian fairy tale. At the same time, I got to know the works of the Hungarian painter Laszlo Bujaki - his motif and signature is the little deer that appears in each painting. It is his anima or spirit animal, I think, and this resonates with the “little hen” I mention in my poem. He has, indeed a painting that depicts a farmer and his yard, but I chose for the film poem his self-portrait with a cigarette, for I felt that it best represented the layering of what “sedimentare” (composting) means. So, there are layers upon layers in this film poem. 

This Yard is included in Frame to Frames: Your Eyes Follow II Poem Film Editions Screened at Fotogenia Film Festival Mexico 2024. – book available for sale on 

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Nest – Weaving Through Time (2023)

Experimental film poem woven from textile words that originate from the French language, referencing the Huguenots who came to England in 16th century. The word refugee first came into the English language from this time.

Screened at Linen Biennale

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tom my dear idealist.png
To My Dear Idealist (2023)

Multilingual film poem based on a poem by Matilda Olkinaitė (1922-1941), a young Lithuanian Jewish poet who created in the Lithuanian language and was murdered during the Holocaust.

Screened at Human Arts Festival Dublin 2023

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Axis Mundi (2021)

A multilingual film poem, shot on Spring Equinox Day, creating a journey around the world in one day, reciting the same poem in 19 languages

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Pioneers arriving.png
Pioneers/Arriving (2021)

Multilingual film poem created as part of a poetic dialogue with Viviana Fiorentino, Italian poet. Both poems describe the poets arriving in Northern Ireland, ten years apart.

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Rain (2021)

​A one-minute film poem about visiting Paris

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Here I Stand.jpg
Here I stand (2020)

Inspired by the true life story of Ivor Perl, a young boy, who survived Auschwitz because he lied about his age a videopoem to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Nazi concentration camps, while remembering other victims of genocides that took place in the 20th Century.

Commissioned by the Executive Office of Northern Ireland for Holocaust Memorial Day Exhibited in the Complex Dublin 2023

Here I Stand – Memories (2020) 

reportage with survivors of genocides.

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Here I stand memories.png
Here I Stand – Memories (2020) 

Reportage with survivors of genocides.

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Belfast exposed.png
Belfast exposed (2019)

Multi-accent film poem written in the voice of a new immigrant arriving in Belfast

Exhibited in D-Light Studios Dublin 2019


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Storm in belfast.png
Storm in East Belfast (2019)

Impressions of a city

exhibited in D-Light Studios Dublin 2019


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Virtual Rom-com image.png
Virtual rom-com (2017)

A film poem elaborating on the idea of a romance in virtual reality

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Bussokusekika pic.png
Bussokusokika (2016)

Multilingual film poem – a filmic haiku imagining the meeting of a German and an American before WWII

Screened at ZEBRA International Videopoetry Festival Germany.

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Illusion pic 1.jpeg
Illusion (2013)

​A filmic meditation about film as a medium


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homage pic.png
Hommage to a towering shade (2013)

Experimental film poem on the theme of “focus-un-focus”

Screened at Videoholica Film Festival


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Point (2007)

Point- a poem about the end of the world as we know it and a new beginning.  

Included in the BFI’s collection 


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The Bloom mystery (2007)

Uncover the Enigma: "The Bloom Mystery" 

Join us on a journey across time and continents in this documentary, "The Bloom Mystery." This 29-minute film, meticulously shot on Bloomsday in Dublin and in the quaint Hungarian town of Szombathely, delves deep into the enigmatic origins of one of literature's most iconic characters: Leopold Bloom.

Don't miss this unique cinematic experience that bridges the past and present, illuminating the diverse roots of Leopold Bloom. Tune in and let the mystery unfold!

Screened at 38th Hungarian Film Festival and at McGuill University Montreal

Get your copy of the film for blooms day 2024

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