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Desmond Elliott Residency

I spent nine days reading and writing at Dragon Hall in Norwich UNESCO City of Literature. The following is a photo diary with some of the impressions.

Dragon Hall - the medieval trading hall dating from around 1430 - now the home of publishing fairs and literary events organised by the National Centre for Writing

The cottage for residents with the enormous laurel tree full in bloom and other, wonderfully smelling herbs like rosemary for memory...

I was pleased to discover that Norwich has a Revolution Pub - like Uncle George in Manchester in my novel Bed Table Door.

Riverside walks helped to clear the mind in the evenings.

The Book Hive - an Oasis. The upper floor is wholly dedicated to poetry books. You can sit in the bay window and immerse yourself till you find one or two to take home. They are organising a Book Bash - a literary festival in Mannington. Check it out if you live nearby :

Up or down?

Streetwise in Norwich.

I visited Julian of Norwich's cell near Dragon Hall. She wrote down her "shewings" and became, albeit posthumously, the first woman writer to be published in England.

I read poetry with Cafe Writers in the Plantation Gardens. Attended an immersive show in the Arts Centre and wrote and read and dreamt in between. Replenished and grateful.

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