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Cultural diversity and migrant artists


This article about the launch of The Corridor, appeared in the Argus in March.

I am posting the link here, included in the image, as it is ever so relevant. The Corridor is an intercultural magazine that grew out of the XBorders Project of the Irish Writers Centre and the Art's Council of Northern Ireland. Edited by Marcel Krueger and curated by his wife Anna Mager, both from Germany. It is great to see this growing cross-border community of writers and artists now that there is so much talk about a border within the island of Ireland. A physical border that nobody wants, an invisible border whose legitimacy many don't even acknowledge and even more don't want to think about and yet it seems to be the huge blockage in the way of a "smooth" Brexit.

Enjoying the freedom of movement still, I have been working with the Centre for Creative Practices in Dublin again. This time the theme of our collaboration is CULTURAL URBAN MEMORY - TRANSITION, TEMPORALITY, TRANSCULTURES

Nine artists were selected whose diverse roots go back to Singapore/US, Romania, Argentina, Ireland, Croatia, Germany and Hungary

I created two longer film poems about Belfast for the show. I wanted to explore how the intercultural layers of a city can be expressed through footage and sound, based on two poems of mine about Belfast. Storm in East Belfast is text overlaid on footage and sound. I am fascinated by the two cranes, the landmarks of Belfast.

The second film poem, Belfast Exposed is working with the many accents you can hear in the city, using the human voice to convey the feelings illustrated by the imagery. Twelve diverse voices create the sound. The two film poems, screened in the loop, draw parallels between people who left Northern Ireland because of the Troubles and the new comers who found a home here.

The first show will be on 13th September from 6-9 pm and the second on Culture Night 20th September from 5-10pm in D-Light Studios Dublin. Ah, and there will be a POETRY Karaoke on Culture Night... Come along and help me to find out what that is.

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