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Working with Eastside Arts and Terra Nova - Food for Thought

Earlier in the year I was selected for a programme of development in conjunction with East Side Arts and Terra Nova Productions. I was offered the opportunity to work with members of a gardener and cookery group in East Belfast. The workshops took place in the Skainos Centre, which is connected to Hosford Hostel. Here I met women and men who had been homeless long term, at some point in their lives. The stories we shared and our discussions about the meaning of food while living rough and the fun excersise classes I took with them together inspired me to write a short play.

Bananas! was performed at St Martin's Church in March and at The Village Church in August by Vicky Blade, a wonderful actress with a certain edge that makes her perfect for the role of Agnes.

This is what the director, Alistair Livingstone said about the play:


Csilla's play about homelessness, feeding the poor and needy is showcasing tonight at the Village Church , Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast at 7.30pm. It's a wonderfully funny piece dealing as it does with some of the more serious and pressing issues in our society today. The extraordinary interaction between the actress Vicky Blades portraying a zany recovered 'homeless' person and now pushing her tea tray on wheels loaded with fruit, bananas and muesli bars and a scarecrow, is well worth the trip to Belfast.

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