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Two poems in The Honest Ulsterman

Click on the image to read them.

Flame of Liberty is from a new pamphlet I'm working on with the title "Vertical Montage" containing all things vertical. The poems relate to film, art and memories.

The title "Vertical Montage" is taken from film theory, from Sergei Eisenstein. When film was first mute and black and white, montage in a chronological order meant to portray the passage of time, while vertical montage, often overlapping images with music created a synthesis of imagery and emotional states. I would like to achieve this effect with the pamphlet.

"Healing" is from the pamphlet with the same title, all things around the body, soul, death and birth. Healers and cures and other health practitioners will feature in it, too, people like Florence Nightingale, Samuel Hahnemann, The cellist and others. It feels that both will be finished soon, lacking a couple more poems both.

In Flame of Liberty I mentioned Hahnemann, too. He lived in Paris and we visited his grave in the Monte Martre Cemetery near the Blanche the last time we were there. If you ask me how the heck did Popeye pop up at the end of the poem, I must reply: just like that. He popped up.

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