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30 poems for April

I signed up for the NaPoWriMo for poetry month. I will write a poem a day, although I cannot promise that I will post them all here. Yet, to celebrate this crazy idea, here is No.1:

Through steady rain fall I hear bird song, staccato on April’s Fool Day

Day 2: (2nd April)


The rabbits floated on a makeshift boat

White-purple sky reflected on water.

Surely, I was one of them. What coat,

brown, black or white? It did not matter.

It is enough to say we were many,

a group of dreamers and wanna-bees.

Pure play: pretend father, mother, baby -

our nagging worries had butterfly wings.

I cooked you a star-soup and you drank it.

It could have been the only nourishment

on the whole tenement - our secret.

"Make us real" I whispered to the wind

and the magic of love blew my mind-

for a moment I'd never forget.

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