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Theatre making

I attended the Playwrights' Bootcamp organised by Accidental Theatre a couple of weeks ago. It was an amazing experience, including a day with Bouffon artists Gemma and David from Amadan. Now Accidental Theatre is putting on a new show in Belfast.

Most importantly and relevant for me, they seek out the most interesting venues for their shows. This time, it will be at Riddell's Warehouse is a four-storey building constructed 1865 - 67 by Thomas Jackson & Son for John Riddell & Son. The warehouse sold cast iron manufactured at the Musgrave Iron Foundry until it relocated in the 1960s. The building was later acquired as part of Musgrave Street Police Station and served as a store room 'security buffer zone' during the Troubles.

It will be somethig like a theatre in the round, as I imagine and I am looking forward to the adventure!

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