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mix 2023

The Mix conference of digital writing was held in the British Library in London this year, concentrating on immersive storytelling. The library hosts an exhibition of immersive storytelling projects, until 15th October. I took part in a panel with two outstanding practitioners of film poetry, Sarah Tremlett who is the editor of the online magazine Liberated Words and the author of the comprehensive work "The Poetics of Poetry Film" (Intellect, 2021) and Janet Lees, poet and film poet.

We talked about Eco-video poetry which could be seen as a new sub-genre of film poetry, Narratives of Climate Crisis, discussing the idea of "immersive" art and whether eco-poetry including eco-film poetry could be seen as activism and whether they have the power to bring change in people's attitudes to ecology.

I gave my paper about Axis Mundi and Ec(h)o - a new immersive installation of a film poem, a work in progress supported by the Arts Council and the National Lottery. All three papers are now available to read with links here. #poetry #film #mix2023 #digitalwriting #britishlibrary

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