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Red Roots - Orange sky


My first poetry collection published by Lapwing Belfast is autobiographical, telling the story of my first 18 years in Hungary in Red Roots - and reflecting on my present life in Northern Ireland in Orange Sky.


48 pages, hand bound published in 2013

The Bloom Mystery




Shot on Bloomsday in Dublin and in Bloom's father's birthplace the Hungarian small town Szombathely, investigating the Hungarian-Jewish origans of Leopold Bloom.

29 minutes art documentary 

Virag Productions

DVD availabe in Pal and NTSC formats

View the trailer here :  ---> trailer <---


 Screening rights are negotioable, please contact 


The Emigrant Woman's Tale


A collection of memoir, short fiction, poetry and song lyrics

by Csilla Toldy and Fil Campbell


40 pages and 10 truck CD with songs, poems and spoken word with music published in 2015


Piano and guitar - Fil Campbell

Cello - Nuala Curran

Percussion - Tom McFarland


"If a soul seeking - prior to its fall into the manifestation of life -  an efficient way in which to develop and grow through adversity, oppression and insecurity, then Ms Toldy is certainly a mistress of such a design.

This pilgrimage of a journey has been beautifully and poignantly expressed through her writings and poetry; none more so than in her in her latest book The Emigrant Woman’s Tale. 

It would be a mistake to venture or even attempt any critique on this work, other than to say, read it with an open heart, and know yourself better!"

Keith ap Owen



Vertical Montage 
a sequence of poems related to films and film making - dedicated to Sergei Eisenstein
Many of these poems became film poems viewable here
Lapwing Publications 2018
44 pages, hand bound


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