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Kevin Bateman's poetry events

Some time last year, I was approached by surrealist poet Kevin Bateman to take part in one of his open-air readings. I was intrigued. He was planning a gig at Merlin Forest and looking at his events on youtube, they all took place in locations which had either some mystical importance or must have been lying on a ley line. I could not take part the first time. Then, earlier this year, he surprised me, wanting to do a reading in Rostrevor Forest. I must agree, it is a magical place and further more, it is at my doorstep.

So on 8th April we met and climbed the mountain, in freezing cold, but brilliant sunshine. "The things you do for the love of poetry" we said. The party was a mystery. None of the writers knew each other and nobody knew who the others were. I met a few very nice writers and discovered some amazing works at this magical spot.

David Atkinson, Gillian Hamill, Eamon Murphy McGuinnes, Niall Mcardle, Kevin Bateman, C Toldy

Niall McArdle reading his short story: 19 Ways to Say 'I love you'

Kevin filming Niall. David Atkinson waiting for his turn.

Eamon Murphy McGuinness reading from his poetry.

This event had the title: "For the Love Growing Inside us". Amazingly, Kevin told me that he is short-listed for the Sabotage Awards 2017, in the Best Collaborative Work category with his events: 'Awaken Your Soul' 'WeAreAlive' and 'LiveInsideOurDream'. I hope he will carry on, for this work is exciting for the poets and I believe for the audience, too. Our gig got 1200 viewings in a couple of days, so it must be true. Well, good luck to Kevin, too. You can still vote until the end of the month here:

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