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The Dawntreader

This little publication arrived in the post lately, inside a poem of mine: Legend.

Dawntreader is one of the magazines published by Indio Dreams Publishing; Savitri, Reach Poetry being the other two. It's edited by Dawn Bauling, a lady I feel I know, although we've never met.

Indigo Dreams is an innovative small publisher - and guess what? - they are shortlisted for the Saboteur Awards, too.


We created a spiral of light

around the Peace Stone:

a short circular walk retracing

the ancient sign the Druids carved

on the megaliths of New Grange;

Children’s eyes reflected the sparkles at the ‘point,

and the words: peace, hope, light, life from now in granite.

For the first time in a decade,

peace descended on this fractured world

in the form of snow over Cooley and Mourne.

‘The sign of purification’, you chanted like a farewell,

before leaving for the other realm, to rest

under the unifying cover, alongside Fionn mac Cumhaill.

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