The Dawntreader

This little publication arrived in the post lately, inside a poem of mine: Legend. Dawntreader is one of the magazines published by Indio Dreams Publishing; Savitri, Reach Poetry being the other two. It's edited by Dawn Bauling, a lady I feel I know, although we've never met. Indigo Dreams is an innovative small publisher - and guess what? - they are shortlisted for the Saboteur Awards, too. Legend We created a spiral of light around the Peace Stone: a short circular walk retracing the ancient sign the Druids carved on the megaliths of New Grange; Children’s eyes reflected the sparkles at the ‘point, and the words: peace, hope, light, life from now in granite. For the first time in a decade,

Kevin Bateman's poetry events

Some time last year, I was approached by surrealist poet Kevin Bateman to take part in one of his open-air readings. I was intrigued. He was planning a gig at Merlin Forest and looking at his events on youtube, they all took place in locations which had either some mystical importance or must have been lying on a ley line. I could not take part the first time. Then, earlier this year, he surprised me, wanting to do a reading in Rostrevor Forest. I must agree, it is a magical place and further more, it is at my doorstep. So on 8th April we met and climbed the mountain, in freezing cold, but brilliant sunshine. "The things you do for the love of poetry" we said. The party was a mystery. None

Women Aloud Mass reading

This happened on 11th March at the Irish Writers Centre in Dublin. 80 woman writers came together from the north and south of Ireland. First a readathon, reading for five minutes each, all day. Then we went out to the Garden of Remembrance and performed a mass-reading, which, if you listen to it sounds a bit like the cacophony of a hen farm, but the joy of doing it surpassed anything I had expected. This collaboration, to celebrate women writers in the week of International Women's Day is now short-listed for the Sabotage Awards 2017 as best Collaborative Work. Voting is open till the end of the month. Fingers crossed, but I'm in two minds about it. Why? Read it in my next blog. #womenaloud


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