Rostrevor Literature Festival

After a year of dreaming about it and months of planning and nerve-wrecking wait for funding, the international village of Rostrevor in county Down, Northern Ireland, will hold its very first literature festival. The Kilbroney Community Association's sub-committee is made up of a bunch of readers, writers and enthusiasts, lead by William (Billy) K. Graham, political journalist. They got support from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Newry and Mourne Council, so the event will take place on Saturday 26th November from 10am - 5 pm in the Kilbroney Integrated Primary School. About 200 people are expected and I feel honoured that I was invited to read, in the circle of these great writers

Mothers and Sons published by Demeter Press, Canada

Earlier in the year, Demeter Press published Mothers and Sons - an anthology edited by Besi Brillian Muhonja and Wanda Thomas Bernard. They included seven of my poems. I was invited to read at the launch and with the support of the Art's Council of Northern Ireland and The Open University I was able to travel. It was a wonderful experience, and I made so many friends. The reading took place at the Pantages Hotel in Victoria Street Downtown Toronto on 15th October. Chapter 11 is a selection of seven poems that I wrote over many years, but put together in a way that they represented a development of a mother from childhood role-play to menopause. One of the poems is about loss, a Canadian sto

The ambassador of freedom

Leonard Cohen died today. Cohen’s words to Marianne from earlier in the year: “I think I’ll follow you very soon” echo in my mind, together with his harrowing deep voice narrating a Canadian documentary on the Tibetan Book of the Dead. His metaphors are unforgettable - for he found the humour in the reveal that come about when we match two unlike things to express our complex minds or emotions. I don’t believe in chance and Cohen’s leaving reassured me. Enlightened beings choose when to go. Cohen opened each of his concerts with “Bird on a Wire” - and for many of us, he was an ambassador of freedom. It is no chance that he left the day after a weakly disguised dictator was elected in the US.


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