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I received my copy in the post tdoay, with four of my poems from Red Roots. The slim volume is full of interesting poets: Lesley Burt's themes talk about loss and transformation, Mark Rutter's imagery is rooted in Nature, Sean Street plays around with the colour of sound, Gareth Culshaw paints a picture of everyday life with minuit detail. I enjoyed Bruce Harris's passionate melodies. Bernadette McBride writes nourishing poems about food..... So far great and I am only half-way through. Dawn Bauling, the editor of Indigo Dreams Publishing is a sensitive and insightful lady. I am in good company. Thanks. DAWN BAULING & RONNIE GOODYER WINNERS OF THE TED SLADE AWARD FOR SERVICES TO POETRY Copie

First day of spring

Today is the first day of spring in the Celtic Calendar. I bought my daffodil buds yesterday and they sprung into bloom overnight.


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